Death & Milk started out as a way to deal with some mental health issues I’d been experiencing during the later months of 2015. I was struggling with depression due to a dissociative disorder, so decided to take up drawing as a way to keep my mind busy while I wasn’t touring and playing music. I immediately clicked with the grim and texture-heavy work of Edward Gorey and Harry Clarke, and set out to more or less copy their styles as best I could. I was amazed at how the act of creating something out of thin air that was (almost) entirely my own could give me so much purpose and turn my low mood on it's head. I drew a collection of haunted houses, selling a handful of prints which encouraged me to draw more and more.


As my drawings gradually became more simple and graphic it made sense to try them out on cotton instead of paper. The first few t-shirt designs I made in 2016 were well received, and it was at this point I felt like I had a direction for this thing I’d literally fallen into. Early 2017 and a handful of t-shirts later, I started developing a style that really said a lot about who I was as a person; focused but at the same time kinda detached, a little blank. Just drifting through. The disembodied skulls and hands I was drawing at the time seemed to define the way that I felt, and still feel, and a lot of other people started making the connection too. In 2018/early '19 my art took a pretty drastic turn as my influences changed, adopting a more comic/manga edge but still keeping the disembodied, detached feel, this time in the form of robots and dreamscapes. I felt that the time I’d spent drawing simple t-shirt graphics had perhaps plateaued my artistic growth, so I looked to my childhood favourites (Mike Mignola, Akira Toriyama, Katsuhiro Otomo to name a few) for inspiration on how to tell more of a story with my work. It was at this point that I started developing scenes and characters within the art, planning to someday release a comic or graphic novel (watch this space).

Anyways, enough about me. Thank you if you read this far, I hope you like the prints and t-shirts I have available on this website! Follow my IG (@deathandmilk_) for even more art and cool stuff.